Things to clean in your home that you don’t always think about

Things to clean in your home that you don't always think about_Blog

Even if you’re an avid cleaner, chances are you forget or overlook certain things in your home.  Hey, don’t worry, we’re all guilty of forgetting something – whether it be that weird corner of the house or that pesky spot under the sink. But here at Goodwings, we believe a healthy lifestyle is not complete without a healthy home. In order to do that, here are some things to clean in your home that you don’t always think about, from one of the leading domestic house cleaner companies in Brisbane. 

Dishwasher – Your dishwasher is crying out for some TLC – it’s working in overdrive for you, but we can all easily forget to clean our cleaner! If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good look inside, it’s time to scour the filters and remove any old food, dirt and grime that could be clogging parts of the machine. You can also do a full wash with baking soda (LINK to article on top 5 eco hacks) to really get it shiny and new.

Pet toys – When it comes time to clean the house, we’re pretty sure scrubbing the pet toys isn’t first on your to-do list. According to The List, pet toys were named number four in the NSF International’s “Germiest Places in the Home” and are actually laced with bacteria. For stuffed toys, it is recommended putting them in a garment bag and throwing them in the wass. Plastic and rubber toys need a good soak in a mix of white vinegar and water or taking a turn in our trusty dishwasher. 

Light switches – This one is definitely overlooked by many busy households. But light switches actually are a prime suspect for collecting bacteria from our own hands (when we stop and think about how often our dirty hands touch our light switch, we feel a little queasy). It is said should spray an all-purpose cleaner onto a microfiber cloth before wiping down the switches, in order to protect lighting hardware. 

Inside garbage bins – Another one that can be easily forgotten is your garbage bin. Even if you constantly are lining them with bin liners, that nasty bin juice will find a way to leak out. If you live in a house, take them outside, dowse them with cleaning solution, and spray them down. If you live in an apartment, do the same thing in your shower. 

Want to love the home you live in?

Goodwings is the cleaning company revolutionising the domestic cleaning industry through our sustainable and healthy approach to cleaning.  We know a healthy lifestyle is more than just looking good physically – it’s also about how you maintain your home and your living environment. No healthy lifestyle is completely without a healthy home! Click here to learn more about your very own “cleaning angels” here to help reduce your carbon footprint – and love the home you live in.