The Link Between Mental Health And Cleaning

The Link Between Mental Health And Cleaning

If we are what we eat, the same logic should apply for our environment. As such, new studies are uncovering the relationship between mental health and cleaning.

One of the key signs of depression is when you suspend taking care of day-to-day chores, such as cleaning your house. As the very nature of the beast often leaves you feeling so down and tired that you just let things go, unfortunately a messy house can add to those feelings – creating a destructive cycle that feeds on itself. 

Once the mess gets too large and chaotic, people with depression can’t imagine how to begin tackling the household duties. They feel hopeless and helpless against the clutter and dirt, which reinforces poor mental health. However, science is working to uncover the many links between mental health and cleaning, and how they can work together in a positive manner.

Uncovering The Science Behind Cleaning And Your Brain

Our environment has a direct impact on our mental health. When we live in a stressful, cluttered space it can feel impossible to overcome life’s challenges. However, taking proactive steps to clean and improve our environment can release endorphins, which give us the energy to tackle almost all obstacles that stand between us and happiness.

It’s well reported that a cluttered home can negatively affect productivity. In fact, a 2011 study conducted by Princeton University found that visual clutter – such as a messy home – can interfere with your ability to concentrate on productive tasks. In terms of wellbeing, a neat and tidy house might have a bigger impact than we think, with an orderly abode even considered to be on par with healthy eating choices

In contrast, cleaning has two potential health benefits that work together to lift our moods. While the physical activity of cleaning can help you relax and gain a sense of control, it also reduces the clutter and mess in your space, and may help you focus on improving your mental health through feelings of accomplishment and pride. 

When some people are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, they might try yoga or even a massage, but for others, giving the shelves a quick dust, wiping down the kitchen, or even organizing the closet is just as beneficial for their mental health as using a mindfulness app. 

Mental health and cleaning work well together because of the endorphins release. For some people, the simple sight of a clean and organized home can help them unwind and de-stress even after an overwhelming day, while others also find joy in the process of the physical cleaning itself. 

If you struggle with your mental health or are generally not a fan of cleaning in the first place, it’s worth remembering that sometimes keeping your house clean is as simple as not cluttering it up in the first place. Start small by washing your dishes right after using them rather than letting them sit in the sink, and store your tools once you’re finished with a project. By putting things away right after you’ve used them, you can prevent clutter from occurring in the first place – or from getting even worse.

However, if you lack the time or energy to conquer house cleaning in the long term but still want to reap the rewards, it might be worth outsourcing. Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is not just about how we look after our physical bodies, but how we maintain our living environments as well. In order to have the best of both worlds, enlisting the help of a Cleaning Angel has the potential to be revolutionary. 

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