The Fundamentals Of A Spring Clean


With a change of season comes the time to conduct an annual spring clean. While this task can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be if you know where to start.

By definition, the humble spring clean is used to describe an annual and thorough domestic dressing down of your entire home. Room by room and top to bottom, the idea is to give every corner of a property a good scrub.

A thorough cleanup usually includes areas you don’t clean on a regular basis, such as beneath carpets and furnishings, on top of bookshelves, and of course, tackling the oven. To spring clean means to deal with built up dirt and dust around your ceiling, wiping off every surface and furnishing unit, decluttering and throwing away what you don’t need – but where do you start?

How To Conduct A Thorough Spring Clean

Many would argue that we are biologically programmed to conduct our own spring cleans after winter, when our brains produce less melatonin, otherwise known as the ‘sleepy chemical’. Melatonin levels are bound to the amount and frequency of sunlight exposure we get, which is of course lower during the cooler months. 

As such, the more time we spend outside, the less we produce the hormone of sleepiness – it’s almost as if our bodies are gearing up to give our homes a face lift once the coldest months of the year are behind us.

While many of us feel the urge to conduct a spring clean and shake off the last morsels of winter, it can be overwhelming when it comes to dealing with tasks that we’ve spent most of the year ignoring. However, performing a spring clean isn’t that difficult if you have a checklist to work from to cover a few of the basics. 

Wipe Out All Drawers – From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms, cupboards and storage solutions are used to safely stow away our possessions, but rarely ever get the time or attention that other frequently used areas of the home get. As such, be sure to remove all items and wipe out all drawers used in these types of facilities to eradicate any lingering dust.

Scrub Your Walls – Many homeowners would be horrified to learn just how many germs can linger on frequently touched surface areas. While door knobs, kitchen benches and bathrooms get cleaned almost daily, our walls are simply too big to receive the same level of care. Although it’s a physical task and not often fun, be sure to wash your walls down at least once a year.

Degrease Your Oven – Regularly cleaning your oven is important for the longevity of your cooker. Yet, most homeowners actively avoid this task, as it’s often viewed as messy and unpleasant. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be, and a great oven cleaning hack is to use a simple homemade solution made from baking soda and water when it comes time for a spring clean. 

Wash Soft Furnishings – Although most of us take the time to wash sheets regularly, can the same be said for pillows, doonas, cushion covers and even curtains? If these types of soft furnishings have been left untouched for months or even years, it’s important to give them a wash to eradicate any dust or other nasties that may have gotten comfortable in them. 

Clean Your Gutters – If your property is surrounded by deciduous trees that lose their leaves in winter, your gutters will quickly start to fill up with fallen debris. While this process does no favours for the property’s infrastructure, it can also create quite the mess and meddle with your property’s exterior look and feel. 

Aim To Declutter – Many of us are guilty of accumulating items, but they do tend to pile up during winter. As such, one of the most cathartic parts of conducting a spring clean is taking stock of what you own, versus what you need. Be sure to pack up unsightly or distracting items that are not necessary, and free up some space in your abode by decluttering as you clean. 

Even once the annual spring clean is taken care of, there still comes a time where busy mums and dads need to find the balance between making the most of their time, and having a clean house. To get the best of both worlds, investing in a reliable house cleaner to take care of the bigger tasks can be worth their weight in gold – but where do you find one?

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Given the fact that eco-friendly cleaning agents have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various chores as traditional cleaning products, the weekly or fortnightly packages on offer through Goodwings enable Queenslanders to continue on with a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the cleanliness of their homes. 

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