Our top 5 Eco cleaning products and hacks

Our top 5 Eco cleaning products and hacks_Blog

Looking for eco cleaning products and hacks to help you maintain a healthy home environment? Goodwings believes that a healthy lifestyle is more than just looking good physically – it’s also about maintaining a clean and eco-friendly home. But you can’t always rely on a cleaner to keep your home looking its best self. So to help you out, we share our top 5 eco-friendly cleaning products and hacks to help you love the home you live in – and reduce your carbon footprint. 

What are the best eco cleaning products and hacks?

Vinegar – When it comes to sustainable cleaning, this is one of the world’s best kept secrets – and it’s something we all have lying around the house. Vinegar is all-natural, will last you a lifetime, and won’t cost you the big bucks. The pantry stable works wonders on a counter or stove, wiping down windows and even cleaning out your coffee machine. 

Eucalyptus oil – Many see the word eucalyptus and think of koala’s, but the oil taken from the plant actually lends itself as a powerhouse natural antibacterial cleaner. It will leave your house smelling fresh, without the use of harmful chemicals. According to Homes To Love, the oil boasts many uses; removing carpet and leather stains, freshening up your bed and cleaning your sink and stainless steel appliances. It can even freshen up your laundry with just a few drops alongside your regular laundry powder!

Baking soda – Another pantry stable has come to your rescue. Baking soda is an extremely versatile product and can be used  as a mild abrasive, to dissolve dirt, tackle odours and to cut through grime. Use the powder to de-grease your oven door, unblock your kitchen sink, remove tea stains from mugs, clean your dishwasher – and even use it to make your own bathroom scrub!

Bamboo cleaning cloth – It’s time to put down that microfiber dish cloth made of plastic and make the switch to something a little nicer for the planet. Bamboo is a more sustainable option, as it can be harvested without destroying the plant or the environment. Dishcloths that are made of 100% bamboo fiber are also naturally anti-bacterial, so there is little chance to see that nasty bacteria growing in the sink or on your dishcloth. 

Recycle bin liners- Another switch we need to be making in the kitchen when it comes to sustainability is our choice of bin liners. Switching from plastic bags to recycle bin liners will help you to reduce your plastic use, and in turn, the Earth. Look for ‘compostable’ bags that will biodegrade in a compost facility and not leave microplastics or toxic residues behind. 

Want to love the home you live in?

Goodwings is the cleaning company revolutionising the domestic cleaning industry through our sustainable and healthy approach to cleaning.  We know a healthy lifestyle is more than just looking good physically – it’s also about how you maintain your home and your living environment. No healthy lifestyle is completely without a healthy home! Click here to learn more about your very own “cleaning angels” here to help reduce your carbon footprint – and love the home you live in.