How To Master Fridge Organisation


While fridge organisation is often considered to be an unachievable pipe dream for many busy households, what if we told you that it’s easier than you think?

All the way back in 1913, an American by the name of Fred W. Wolf invented the first home electric refrigerator. The new age device featured a refrigeration unit on top of an icebox, and mass production of domestic refrigerators began in 1918 when William C. Durant introduced the first home refrigerator with a self-contained compressor.

Despite these enormous leaps forward in how fridges work, the sizes on offer and the types of food we choose to store in them, there’s one element that we still haven’t quite managed to conquer: fridge organisation. 

While we know that the process helps us to maintain a fridge’s efficiency while decreasing food waste, it seems that many of us still haven’t quite mastered this still over one hundred years later – so where do you start?

Our Five Step Guide To Fridge Organisation

Tackling basic fridge organisation has the capacity to make your day to day life easier: you can see what you have, stop embarking on the emergency dash to the shops for extra ingredients, or be tempted to order takeaways because it’s all too hard. 

To give your fridge an overhaul and transform it into a source of inspiration instead of dread, the good news is that the process of effective fridge organisation can be done in as little as five simple steps.

Conduct A Deep Clean – To start your fridge organisation journey, pull every single item out of the fridge, and give the crisper bins, shelves and doors a good wipe down. While you’re welcome to use warm soapy water, take care that it’s not hot as to avoid cracking any glass shelving. Be sure to check expiry dates of items and throw out anything that’s past its prime. 

Understand Food Placement – Before you start adding items back into the fridge, did you know that some places are better than others for effective food storage and retaining freshness? Doors are the warmest of the fridge, which is why we use them for condiments. In contrast, lower shelves have the coldest temperature, so store eggs, meat, seafood and dairy here. 

Invest In Storage Solutions – One of the reasons that our fridges get so chaotic is because we often don’t have the right tools on hand to do so. Start investing in smarter storage options, such as shelving baskets, tupperware and even drink dispensers. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a labeller, as this can help you identify what you’re looking for without the need for rummaging. 

Create Specific Food Zones – Creating food zones keeps your groceries more visible, making cooking and grocery shopping a lot easier – in simple terms, everything has a place. Start by grouping whatever food or groceries that you have on the bench into separate categories, and use the food placement safety guide outlined above to strategically give them a home. 

Cut Up Fruit And Vegetables – One of the key reasons that fridge organisation attempts fall flat is because of a perceived lack of space. If you’re guilty of this, the solution is often making things smaller. Start putting all of your new storage containers to use, and chop up fruits and vegetables to create more space, and to make meal preparation easier and faster. 

Whether we realise it or not, the humble fridge is the workhorse of our kitchen, but is often the area most overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning schedules. If you find yourself lacking in motivation in this department, keep in mind that opening the fridge door and seeing a clean, well-organised interior inspires us to make healthier food choices, cook more and eat better in the long term. 

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