How To Make Reusable Antibacterial Wipes


Instead of purchasing disposable antibacterial wipes that may be loaded with chemicals and potentially harm your environment, what if you could make your own?

Take a look under nearly any bathroom or kitchen sink, and you’ll likely find a container of disposable antibacterial wipes. While they’re certainly convenient, they also have several issues that make them less savoury upon closer analysis. 

They’re Wasteful – In an era where we are turning away from single use plastic and a mentality of throwing items away after just one use, it doesn’t make sense to continue using commercial antibacterial wipes that are designed to be disposable. 

They’re Toxic – As bleach and a range of other toxic chemicals are the primary ingredients in many disposable wipes used for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, they may do the job, but they may also be potentially harmful for you and members of your family.

They’re Expensive – Given the fact that even wiping down the kitchen bench after a meal will require two to three disposable antibacterial wipes, this cost can quickly add up when a packet of fifty can cost anywhere between $5 to $10. 

Like most things, the good news is that making your own version of a toxic household cleaning agent is easier than you might think – so where do you start when it comes to mastering DIY reusable antibacterial wipes?

How To Make Your Own Reusable Antibacterial Wipes 

If you’re ready to make the switch to reusable disinfecting wipes, you’ll find the process to be much easier than most people initially think, and can often be done with items already floating around your house. 

Firstly, you will need to track down the right material to use for the wiping. While you can easily use an existing cloth that hasn’t been touched yet, other alternatives also include thin sponges traditionally used for dishwashing, or even old t-shirts. So long as it’s a material that won’t easily disintegrate, it’s okay to use. 

The bleach and other antibacterial cleaning agents used in commercial disposable cleaning wipes can actually trigger asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues just by using them on surfaces in your home. This means that just touching or breathing in these chemicals can cause these health issues. Not to mention, direct exposure can irritate the skin, and kids who ingest the chemicals can be at risk for poisoning.

Instead, a sustainable alternative to these chemicals while still ensuring that your house is clean and appropriately disinfected can be found in naturally derived compounds. Although it may seem like a newer trend, essential oils for cleaning is a practice that’s been in use for centuries. Today’s household cleaners are filled with chemicals and toxins that can be dangerous for your home and family, but the sustainable alternative has none of these potential pitfalls. 

Next, all you need to do is create a cleaning concoction using these oils. As a basic example of a mixture that can be used for making your own reusable antibacterial wipes, consider trying the following – 

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of 70% rubbing alcohol 
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil
  • 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil 
  • 5 drops of thyme essential oil 

Once you’ve mixed the ingredients all together, soak your wiping agent in the cleaning solution, and store the cloths in an airtight jar. While most people choose to roll them up into the jar for easy access, whatever you use, you might have to adjust the liquid ratio to work with your specific cloths, so be ready to experiment.

While there are a number of recipes for homemade antibacterial wipes that use vinegar, be cautious that this popular disinfectant can’t kill every type of bacteria. In addition, it isn’t safe to use on granite countertops as it can cause etching and pitting, so be sure to do your research on what natural compounds you should and shouldn’t use in your cleaning solution. 

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