How To Clean For Winter Allergens


If you’re one of the thousands of Australians that suffer as soon as the seasons change, learning how to clean for winter allergens can be a game changer.  

Although winter in Australia is usually regarded as quite mild when compared to large portions of the northern hemisphere, the three month period starting in June can still dramatically lower temperatures. For some, it means busting out the one pair of jeans they own, while for others, it can resemble the arrival of snow and sleet.

Once the temperatures drop, our homes tend to become sanctuaries with a focus on warmth, rest, relaxation and entertainment. However, even retreating from the great outdoors may not provide relief for those who are triggered by winter allergens, so knowing how to clean your home specifically for them is a must. 

How To Manage Winter Allergens At Home

When dust, chemicals, or strong scents trigger an allergic reaction of some kind, house cleaning can become a real problem. For some, having mild allergies or winter hay fever may include a coughing fit or a couple of sneezes, while more severe cases can lead to respiratory problems and skin reactions.

Keep in mind that an allergen is a type of antigen that produces an abnormally vigorous immune response in which the immune system fights off a perceived threat that would otherwise be harmless to the body. Things that may be fine for other people can be triggers for those that suffer from winter allergens, but making a customised cleaning schedule can help to combat the worst of the effects.

Dust Mite Removal – The presence of dust mites can be a real problem for people with asthma or other allergies, and can trigger wheezing, coughing, and even chest pain. The only problem is that they’re impossible to see, particularly when linked to allergens in carpet. As such, consider enlisting a professional carpet cleaner to stay on top of a possible infestation.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners – Many cleaning products available in the market today are laden with ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. It is best to stay away from anything that includes ammonia, d-limonene, formaldehyde, sodium hypochlorite, or sodium lauryl sulphate, and opt for a natural alternative instead.

Eliminate Any Mould – While mould accumulates in damp and poorly ventilated buildings, inhaling mould fragments or spores can inflame the airways, causing nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation, particularly for those that suffer from allergies. Despite the recent wet weather, be sure to eliminate any mould when you spot it.

Change Sheets Regularly – Not washing your sheets regularly exposes you to the fungi, bacteria, pollen, and animal dander that are commonly found on sheets and other bedding. In addition, other things commonly found on sheets include bodily secretions, sweat, and skin cells. To minimise your exposure to winter allergens, be sure to stay on top of this.

Enlist A Cleaning Expert – If all else fails, it may be worth enlisting the services of a professional house cleaner if you suffer from asthma or other winter allergens. Dust is commonly sighted as one of the key triggers for this demographic, and having the help of an expert to stay on top of this can be a life changer. 

Considering that more Australians than ever before are paying careful attention to their overall health, it makes sense that the same philosophy would apply to our home environments as well. While staying on top of dust and other nasties can go a long way with fighting the effects of winter allergens, sometimes there’s simply not enough hours in the day.

As such, it should come as no surprise that a growing number of families are opting to get their time back by outsourcing these types of responsibilities to a professional house cleaner – but where do you find one?

Ditch The Chemicals And Stay Clean With Goodwings 

We all know that good help can be hard to find, particularly when it comes to finding a reliable housekeeper that you can trust. Offering four to six hour cleaning packages, just a handful of the services on offer with the Cleaning Angels at Goodwings include bed linen changes, washing, and topping up everyday household goods like washing powder, shampoos, toilet paper and much more.

Given the fact that eco-friendly cleaning agents have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various chores as traditional cleaning products, the weekly or fortnightly packages on offer through Goodwings enable Queenslanders to continue on with a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the cleanliness of their homes. 

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