Ethical Gold Coast House Cleaner Careers

Ethical Gold Coast House Cleaner Careers (1)

Are you on the hunt for Gold Coast house cleaner jobs, but looking to make a real difference in the day to day lives of Queenslanders? Meet the team at Goodwings. 

Did you know that the Australian commercial cleaning industry is currently worth about $12 billion, and is foreseen to become a key employer in the next few years? Although this sector is often overlooked and taken for granted, professional cleaners generally offer a wide range of services required by commercial and residential sectors, and make significant contributions to the day to day lives of many. 

Statistics also indicate that the commercial cleaning industry employs roughly 160, 000 people nationwide. Despite popular stereotypes, many people have taken up cleaning as a profession by choice thanks to the wide variety of benefits associated with working in this industry. While the attraction often varies, a growing number of cleaners are placing the ethics of their role above the industry or pay package. When it comes to sourcing house keeping jobs in Brisbane that really do make a difference, the team at Goodwings are leading the way. 

Gold Coast House Cleaner Jobs With A Difference

On a global scale, we’ve become increasingly aware of our impact on the earth. We’re ditching plastic straws, eating less meat, and even using our cars less. Naturally, it would then make sense for us to turn our attention to our homes, with more households than ever turning to sustainable cleaning practices as a means to boost the health and wellbeing of its residents.

Goodwings is slowly revolutionising the domestic cleaning industry one household at a time. Serving the Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, Anita and her team of “cleaning angels” at Goodwings provide families and busy professionals with the opportunity to outsource their home’s cleaning requirements, but in a safe, eco friendly and sustainable manner. 

Given the fact that eco-friendly cleaning agents have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various chores as traditional cleaning products, the weekly or fortnightly packages on offer through Goodwings enable Queenslanders to continue on with a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the cleanliness of their homes. 

Offering four to six hour cleaning packages, the services provided by Goodwings include bed linen changes, washing, and topping up everyday household goods like washing powder, shampoos, toilet paper and more. The key point of difference with using a provider like Goodwings is that we don’t introduce any chemicals to the property, and instead operate with a holistic approach through only using sustainable and non-toxic cleaning products.

In addition, Goodwings makes a conscious effort to give back. To do so, the “cleaning angels” donate a portion of their time for free, and customers can nominate new mothers to receive a free cleaning service post having a baby. The last thing on the minds of many new mothers is house maintenance, so Anita and the team at Goodwings aim to ensure that they receive as much support as possible. 

Many of the existing cleaning angels with Goodwings are mums, grandmothers, and retired professionals looking to find meaning in the work they do on a day to day basis. Goodwings welcomes people from all walks of life, who are ultimately passionate about hygiene, good service and sustainability. If this sounds like you, then working with us as a Brisbane house cleaner might just be more rewarding than you could ever imagine. 

Become A Cleaning Angel With Goodwings 

If you’re looking to find meaningful work as a Gold Coast house cleaner like no other, Goodwings are expanding their team of cleaning angels as a means to provide further support to Queensland households.

Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle is not just about how we look after our physical bodies, but how we maintain our homes and living environment as well. To join the chemical free cleaning revolution and take advantage of some of the best house keeping jobs in Brisbane, get in touch with Anita and the team at Goodwings today.